This site is to show my Cabbage Patch Kids and the work I have done on them. I try to find the ones in rough shape, and make them hugable and lovable again. Some of the CPK's (Cabbage Patch Kids) that I work on get donated for Christmas, some I keep, and when requested I make custom ones to sell or give as gifts. Take a look around, I hope you enjoy the photos.

09/28/2014: There will be updates all over the site, using Flash on an Android tablet is not easy, so updates will not be fast.
07/16/2014: There are lots of updates needing to be added, hopefully I will get it all done soon.
07/16/2014: Updated: The Kids - Laura's Kids.
06/15/2014: Updated: The Kids - Laura's Kids - Victoria.
03/09/2014: Updated: About Me & The Kids - Donation Kids.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a custom Cabbage Patch Kid, contact me here.